View or save stories from any instagram accounts for free in one click

How to view story from instagram profile?

  1. Find a profile on instagram, whose stories you want to view or download
  2. Copy the profile name (username)
  3. Insert the copied username in the field on this page and click the download button.
  4. Select the desired story and click "Download" if you want to save it to your device
  5. The file will be downloaded to your device in the download folder.


Can I save a story from someone else's profile to my device?

Yes, the service allows you to save (download) stories from any public IG accounts

How much is the download of story costs?

Stories viewer are absolutely free. No signup required

What devices do the service work on?

On computers, tablets and smartphones in any modern web browser (Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari )

Does the user see i am viewing or downloading his stories?

No, user don't know if anyone viewed his stories if the were using our service. Our service is completely anonymous and hassle free. No signup required

What format does stories download?

Stories could be in video format MP4 and in image format - JPEG. Depends on whether the story is video or photo

How to view saved stories on a computer?

You can watch downloaded stories on a computer using any popular media player: QuickTime, Windows Media, VLC, Microsoft Movies & TV, Kmplayer, Media Player Classic

If on your computer there is no video player, you can open the downloaded file using any web browser

How to view saved stories on the phone?

You can watch downloaded stories on the phone using any pre-installed media player. As a rule, on the iPhone and Android there is a video player installed by default, it is great for playing downloaded stories

Also, as in the case of viewing on a computer, you can open the downloaded file on the smartphone in any web browser.

Where does the file download?

Downloaded stories are stored in the download folder. In the Mac OS operating system, it can be found in the Finder in the side menu. In Windows - in the explorer. In iOS and Android, look for the gallery app either in file manager application

If the story does not download?

In rare cases, errors may occur when loading stories. It is more often due to the fact that instead of the username, whose stories you need to download you inserted a broken link or wrong username. Therefore, if you have any errors when viewing or saving highlights, first check the username you entered

Also, if the user does not have active stories at the moment you can get a error that they are not available

If you are sure that the stories exists, you also checked the username you typed, but still get an error - try download Stories after a while

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