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Instagrilz - IG story viewer and saver. online service for viewing and saving stories, Highlights, video, photo, IGTV media and avatars

The service is running online in any modern browser on any device and does not require installing additional programs or extensions. All operations are completely anonymous, no signup required. No password for your account required

How to view or save story, video, photo or IGTV from Instagram?

  1. Go to or open an instagram application on your device.
  2. Find a person or business profile, whose content you want to view or save
  3. To view stories, last posts, IGTV or avatars, copy the profile name (login). To view or save video, photos, fixed stories or video from IGTV, copy the link to the post
  4. Copy login or type in username on this page in the search box above
  5. Click the download button to view media and then click on download buttons on selected media if you want to save the file to your computer, tablet or smartphone


What can i view or save using

With this web service, you can view stories, highlights, video, photo, IGTV and avatars profiles from any public instagram profile.

What devices do the service work on?

On any computers, tablets and smartphones with a modern web browser (Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari).

Will the service take some fee to view IG stories?

No, is absolutely free and always will be

Can i view stories, video and photo or any public profile?

Yes, you can view and download content from any public instagram profiles. However, remember that the copyright to viewed content belong to the authors of this content. The reuse of the downloaded materials created not by you, and other authors, is not recommended, since there may be problems with copyright infringement.

Does the user sees if i viewed his stories?

No, when viewing and downloading media form IG is fully anonymous using our service. This means that if you are viewing the history, video, photo, IGTV or avatars of any user Instagram, they will not know that you have looked them.

What if service doesn't work or gives an error?

In rare cases, errors may occur when loading stories. It is more often due to the fact that instead of the username, whose stories you need to download you inserted a broken link or wrong username. Therefore, if you have any errors when viewing or saving highlights, first check the username you entered

Also, if the user does not have active stories at the moment you can get a error that they are not available

If you are sure that the stories exists, you also checked the username you typed, but still get an error - try download Stories after a while

How to view saved stories on a computer?

You can watch downloaded stories on a computer using any popular media player: QuickTime, Windows Media, VLC, Microsoft Movies & TV, Kmplayer, Media Player Classic

If on your computer there is no video player, you can open the downloaded file using any web browser

How to view saved stories on the phone?

You can watch downloaded stories on the phone using any pre-installed media player. As a rule, on the iPhone and Android there is a video player installed by default, it is great for playing downloaded stories

Also, as in the case of viewing on a computer, you can open the downloaded file on the smartphone in any web browser.

Where does the file download?

Downloaded stories are stored in the download folder. In the Mac OS operating system, it can be found in the Finder in the side menu. In Windows - in the explorer. In iOS and Android, look for the gallery app either in file manager application

Do i need to enter my Instagram login and pass to view stories, highlights, posts video or photos

No, you don't. The only info you need to provide is username or link to media you want to view

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